Introducing Empowering Independent Creatives

Powered by VersusMedia and currently in BETA, is a pioneering platform designed to financially empower independent filmmakers and musicians. By utilizing cutting-edge technology, we ensure that artists get paid for their content.

Get Paid in Sats for Views: Artists are rewarded in Satoshis, the smallest fraction of Bitcoin, according to the number of views their content receives. Payments are conducted through the Lightning Network, a layer-2 payment protocol built upon the Bitcoin blockchain. This ensures instantaneous and low-cost transactions. Payments are seamlessly directed to the artist's unique Lightning Address, facilitating effortless receipt of funds.

Flexible Payment Distribution: Artists have the freedom to divide their earnings between multiple Lightning addresses. Whether it's a collaborative project or a desire to split earnings across various works, the flexibility is in the creators' hands.

Where to Find Us

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To utilize, filmmakers and musicians simply need to submit their content for review to VersusMedia. Once approved, their art will be available to stream via VersusMedia's Roku and Apple TV apps, as well as on their Nostr profile.

About VersusMedia

With a rich history dating back to 2001, VersusMedia has been an unwavering supporter of independent creatives. We believe in providing platforms for all artists to showcase their work to the world. is our latest endeavor in our continued mission to turn dreams into realities. Join us in this exciting journey to reshape the future of creative industries.

OFFICIAL LAUNCH PRESS RELEASE: VersusMedia Unveils, a New Platform to Reward Artists with Bitcoin for Streaming Views

Official Press Release
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