VersusMedia Unveils RoyaltyPoints.io, a New Platform to Reward Artists with Bitcoin for Streaming Views

VersusMedia, a champion of grassroots artists for over two decades, proudly announces the launch of RoyaltyPoints.io, a groundbreaking platform designed to ensure that independent filmmakers and musicians are easily compensated for their creative endeavors.

About RoyaltyPoints.io

Built on the idea conceived by VersusMedia's founder Ryan Vinson, RoyaltyPoints.io aims to utilize Bitcoin and the emerging Lightning Network to revolutionize the way royalties are paid to the artistic community. This platform marks a significant stride toward true financial equality in the fields of film and music.

Every play on VersusMedia's Roku and Apple TV apps and Nostr account will translate into rewards for the content creators. By utilizing the "Sats for Views" model, this innovative service enables instant and low-cost payouts in Satoshis, the smallest denomination of Bitcoin. The Lightning Network’s efficiency and growing adoption by retailers globally make this approach viable and attractive.

Ryan Vinson, the creator of this new service, said, “The Lightning Network, though still under development, has the potential to revolutionize the way we make payments. By leveraging it for our service, we empower anyone worldwide to be quickly paid for the views on their content. I am aware that there is still some stigma around Bitcoin, but people were once just as skeptical of the Internet itself. Look at how much it assists our day-to-day lifestyles now.”

How It Works

Creators must submit their media to VersusMedia to be included on their platforms. Once live, streaming plays will be recorded on RoyaltyPoints.io. Creators will have access to personal accounts where they can request payouts in Satoshis, requiring a Lightning Address for payment.

Ryan Vinson's vision is clear: "My hope is that this service helps revolutionize automated micropayments to content creators that can be split up among all who helped produce a song or film, the same way points are split up among major people involved in a film."

"We've had our streaming channels for several years and have typically gone with licensing deals to access content. This new method will help open the door to additional avenues for both the viewers and the creators." Ryan continues explaining, "And now within the past 6 months, decentralized social network protocol Nostr has massively expanded its userbase, so I saw a great opportunity to introduce our content to the Nostr community as well."

VersusMedia's Continued Commitment

Having once assisted over 1,000 films worldwide locate music to use in their films and even produced several films, VersusMedia continues to support indie filmmakers and musicians. During this time, Ryan has been involved in panels, events, judging music competitions, and authored books discussing industry changes. “Big names and companies have come and gone with the promise of making an impact, but we've always been there in the background, deep in the trenches, sticking to our goal: helping the little guys. Now we're taking a big step toward streamlining their pay,” says Ryan.

Next Steps for Filmmakers and Musicians

Content creators are encouraged to contact VersusMedia to add content or inquire about accessing RoyaltyPoints.io accounts

About VersusMedia

Founded in 2001, VersusMedia has been a staunch supporter of independent filmmakers and musicians. More information can be found at VersusMedia's website.

About RoyaltyPoints.io

RoyaltyPoints.io is a new "Sats for Views" service, providing a swift and efficient way to pay content creators for their streams. Visit RoyaltyPoints.io to learn more.

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